Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

SLBTW attorneys represent a broad range of clients with diverse real estate needs, and work to help clients achieve their financial, personal, and business goals. We assist clients through every stage of a real estate transaction, from negotiation and evaluation to closing, including:


We provide a wide range of real estate services related to:

•    Evaluation of business and personal opportunities in real estate;
•    Negotiation of the terms and structure of purchase and sale agreements and other real estate documents;
•    Due diligence, disclosure of documents, and evaluation of environmental concerns;
•    Analyzing survey, land use, and zoning issues;
•    Drafting tenants-in-common and other agreements in joint ventures;
•    1031 exchanges;
•    Construction contracts, negotiation, and litigation;
•    Obtaining clear title and ensuring appropriate title insurance coverage;
•    Evaluating restrictive covenants and owner association documents.


Our attorneys know clients invest a lot of time, thought, and money into real estate deals. We work hard to ensure your transaction receives the attention it deserves. We provide intelligent and legally sound support from the moment you come to our office until we get the final signature on the dotted line.

Beyond acquisitions and sales, the firm offers a full range of legal services related to real estate matters for residential and commercial property owners, lenders, developers, and professionals, and can help you creatively structure your real estate projects to fit your needs. 

Business Organization & Litigation

SLBTW’s business practice starts at the formation and governance of a variety of types of entities, including LLCs, for-profit and non-profit corporations, joint ventures, and partnerships and includes small business mergers and acquisitions, dissolution, and financing. In business situations gone awry, our litigation team has experience in shareholder and member disputes, judicial dissolution proceedings, creditor claims, and other issues.

We have expertise in drafting operating agreements, bylaws, asset acquisition agreements, and loan documents, and work with business owners in a creative, collaborative way to help them achieve their goals and avoid common obstacles and pitfalls in the formation and management of a small business.

Business Organization & Litigation

Attorneys at SLBTW have represented individuals and developers in land use, zoning, and development issues before municipalities and local governments, and have experience working with city and county officials to complete projects, resolve disputes, and otherwise efficiently navigate public-private interactions. 

 If a matter necessitates litigation, our lawyers have experience litigating eminent domain, variance, and other disputes related to land use and zoning laws. Sean M. Stewart previously served on the Boulder County Planning Commission, and understands the process of obtaining approvals, entitlements, and zoning variances from all angles, having dealt with access, easement, subdivision platting, and other issues as both an attorney and a Planning Commissioner. 

We can help you obtain the approvals you need to keep your project running smoothly. 

Construction Contracts & Litigation

When it comes to construction, whether a client is doing a remodel worth thousands of dollars or a commercial project worth millions of dollars, the preparation and negotiation of contracts is key to ensuring property owners, developers, architects, contractors, and lenders are all on the same page. Our attorneys have experience working with property owners, contractors, and architects in the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts. 

When claims and disputes do arise, SLBTW attorneys have experience representing both property owners and other professionals in construction defect, breach of contract, and other claims both in court and in mediation or arbitration.  



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